Triple Crown Results after Iron Person 2013

Triple Crown Progress Scores after three events, the run, the paddle and the Iron Person

Point score when worst result is deleted

Three  points

2 Leo Stevens Run

1 Leo Stevens Iron Person

3 place:- Leo Stevens Paddle ( discarded )

Three points

1Adam Mcaughey Run

2 Adam McAughey Iron Person

5 place:- Adam McAughey Paddle ( Discarded )

Four Points

1 place:- Rob Deacon  Paddle

3 Rob Deacon Iron Person

Did not compete in run

Seven  points

2 place:- Phil Serio Paddle

5 Phil Serio Run

5 Phil Serio Iron Person ( Discarded )

Seven points

3 Craig Picker Run

4 Craig Picker Paddle

4 Craig Picker Iron Person ( discarded )


Three  points

1 Anne-Maree Connolly Paddle

2 Anne-Maree Connolly

23 Anne-Maree Connolly Run ( discarded )