Triple Crown 2015-2016 Leaderboard Final Results

Each season Coalcliff SLSC holds four events that go to make up the "Triple Crown"

·         Bridge to Boatshed Run

·         Beach to Bombi Swim

·         Rod Stevens Memorial Board Paddle

·         Black Ironperson

For competitors to qualify for a place on the Triple Crown Leaderboard they must compete in at least 3 of these 4 events.

Last Sundays Black Ironperson event was the final of the 4 events for this season and we now have our Leaderboard completed.

In the Open Male category we had two competitors complete all 4 events, seasoned performer Adam McAughey and club newcomer Oli Petitcuenot. First place went to Oli, second place to Adam with Craig Picker and Peter Cugaly taking out third and fourth respectively. With an average age of 47+ years and only 5 years between the four of them, we might rename it the "Old Man" category. Well done boys.

In the Open Female category both Cara Van Wyck and Nicole Hall competed in 3 events. First place to Cara, second place to Nicole. There will be no mention of ages, average or otherwise for this category.

The only Junior competitor to qualify for a place after completing 3 events was Aidan Frederiksen (U14). Well done Aidan, first place for you.

Special mention to Lara Paton (U13) for completing the Rod Stevens Memorial Paddle. It was a very difficult start to that event with extremely trying conditions that even our most experienced members found difficult. Well done Lara.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in any of the Triple Crown events and to all those who help to organise and run the events.

Click here to see the Leaderboard.

Well Done Everyone