Triple Crown 2014/2015

After Sundays Rod Stevens Memorial Board Paddle the Coalcliff 2014/2015 Triple Crown Leaderboard has two names on it:

1- Nathan B 

2- Craig C. 

Rules stipulate you must complete at least 3 of the 4 (yes 4) Triple Crown events to be in the running for a coveted place on the leaderboard. Nathan and Craig have completed both the Black Ironperson and the Board Paddle which put them at the top of the list for positions 1 and 2 respectively. Everyone else who has completed either the Board Paddle or the Black Ironperson are currently holding a collective tentative third place until after our next 2 events, the Bridge to Boatshed Run on the 1st March and the Beach to Bombi Swim the following weekend on the 8th March.