Triple Crown

Triple Crown 2014/2015 Final Results

Here it is! The Coalcliff SLSC 2014/2015 Season Triple Crown Final Results. Congrats to Leo and Cara and special mention to Craig who was the only competitor to complete all 4 events. Well done everyone. Massive effort.

Triple Crown 2014/2015

After Sundays Rod Stevens Memorial Board Paddle the Coalcliff 2014/2015 Triple Crown Leaderboard has two names on it:

Triple Crown Events And Dates 2012/13

Tripple Crown Events and Dates 2012/13

Bridge to Boatshed RunSunday 28th of October at 10 am.

Coalcliff Black Iron PersonSunday the 18th of November 11am

Rod Stevens Memorial Beach to Bridge PaddleSunday February the 3rd 11am

Beach to Bombie SwimSunday the 3rd of March 11am

Coalcliff Senior Surf Carnival ( Not part of Triple Crown )Sunday the 14th of April

Triple Crown Final Results


Coalcliff Triple Crown 2012


1st Place Leo Stevens

Best Three Results Points 4

1st Place Leo Stevens 29.35

!st:- Leo Stevens 22.34 minutes

3 Leo Stevens Opens 6.04

2 Leo Stevens 22.13.40


2nd Place Dominic Keegan

Best Three Results Points 8

11th Dominic Keegan 42.00

2nd:- Dominic Keegan 27.44 minutes

5 Dominic Keegan 13 7.03

1 Dominic Keegan 21.8.52


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