Seacliff Bridge To Coalcliff Boatshed Results 2012

Adam McAughey defended his Bridge to Boatshed Title in a 2 second win over Leo Stevens on Sunday the 28th of October. 12 year old Anneliese O'Rielly won the female title. A great family fun...

Rod Stevens Memorial Paddle 2013 Results


1st place:- Richard Leghissa 32.02 min 2nd place:- Robert Deacon 35.25 min ( Club Champion ) 3rd place:- Phil Serio 35.50 min 4th place:- Leo Stevens 39.47 min 5th place:- Craig Picker 42.48 min 6th place:- Adam McAughey 45.07 min 7th place:- Michael Guyatt 59.56 min


Anne-Maree Connolly...

Triple Crown Progress Scores After Two Events

Triple Crown Progress Scores after two events, the run and the paddle.Point score when worst result is deleted
One point1Adam Mcaughey Run5 place:- Adam McAughey Paddle
One Point1 place:- Rob Deacon  PaddleDid not compete in run
2  points2 place:- Phil Serio Paddle5 Phil Serio Run
2  points2 Leo Stevens Run3 place:- Leo Stevens Paddle
3 points3 Craig Picker Run4 place:- Craig Picker Paddle
4  points4 Ben Picker Run
6  points6 place:- Michael Guyatt PaddleDid not compete in run

Rod Stevens Memorial Paddle Sunday 3rd February 11am.

The 4th Rod Stevens Memorial Beach to Bridge Paddle will take place on Sunday the 3rd of February at 11am at Coalciff Beach. The event is run by Coalcliff SLSC with the full safety support of Coalcliff SLSC and SLS Illawarra. The event is open to all ages but children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Entry is $15 with money raised donated to The NSW Cancer Council.

Meeting With Council To Keep Coalcliff Beach Clean

Dear Committee members,
Wollongong councils beach maintenance co ordinator has agreed to meet at Coalcliff surf club on Jan 31 at 9.00 amto discuss the condition and cleaning of the beach.
Can people please attend to plead our case and pressure council into action?
See you there.
Phil Serio

Bag It Documentary

ECO-CINEMA “Bag It”Would you like to see the 2508 shopping precinct plastic bag free?Want to learn why you should be even more outraged by the pervasiveness of plastics in our culture, and then learn what it is you can do to live a more plastic-free life? Then you should see Bag It, an engaging Award-winning documentary about plastic bags, plastic politics, and single-use disposables, how plastics are affecting the health of our oceans and the health of our own bodies.


Sunday 2nd December
Coalcliff legend Pete Jordan leads CRIMS'N'LEON
Live at the Bombie Bar
3 to 6pm $5 entry
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Saturday Patrols

Saturday PatrolsSaturday Patrols start on Saturday the 23rd of December from 11am to 3pm.Helensburgh-Stanwell Park SLSC will provide the Saturday Patrols on Coalcliff Beach 22nd December and January the 5th, 12th, and 19th.Coalcliff will Patrol on Saturday the 29th of December. All that will be required will be three bronze medallion which includes a holder of Advanced Resus.
Rob Deacon.
Club Captain.

Coalcliff Beach Environmental Study

Have you ever wondered about the animals that live on our coastal rock-platforms? Would you like to know what they are? Come and join us for an information session and a low-tide rock platform tour. Summer holidays are great time to investigate the amazing diversity of life that lives between the land and the sea and how these creatures survive in such a unique and challenging environment.