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Coalcliff Hosts The Great Illawarra Walk For Camp Quality


Massive Day today at the Club hosting hosts the Great Illawarra Walk for Camp Quality. Walkers left Shellharbour at 7am and were still arriving at Coalcliff at 8pm. Huge amount of wrk throughout the day by Grant Smith, Callum Guyatt, Rob Deacon, Anne-Maree Connolly and the two Deacon girls. Great club, great people.

Triple Crown Results After Iron Person 2013

Triple Crown Progress Scores after three events, the run, the paddle and the Iron Person

Point score when worst result is deleted

Three  points

Leo And Toni Stevens Win The Coalcliff Black Iron Person 2013


Coalcliff Black Iron Person 2013 Results


1st Leo Stevens 18.59

2nd Adam McAughey 20.10

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Final Nippers Sunday the 17th of March

Coalcliff hosting Great Illawarra Walk Saturday the 23rd of March and Sunday the 24th of March

Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge Sunday the 24th of March

Dave Winner running a Senior First Aid Course Wednesday the 27th March and Wednesday the 3rd of April 6 to 9pm

Nippers Presentation Saturday the 6th of April 5pm.

Beach to Bombie Swim Sunday the 7th of April at 10 am.

Senior Presentation Sunday the 25th of May at 7pm.

Seacliff Bridge To Coalcliff Boatshed Results 2012

Adam McAughey defended his Bridge to Boatshed Title in a 2 second win over Leo Stevens on Sunday the 28th of October. 12 year old Anneliese O'Rielly won the female title. A great family fun...

Rod Stevens Memorial Paddle 2013 Results


1st place:- Richard Leghissa 32.02 min 2nd place:- Robert Deacon 35.25 min ( Club Champion ) 3rd place:- Phil Serio 35.50 min 4th place:- Leo Stevens 39.47 min 5th place:- Craig Picker 42.48 min 6th place:- Adam McAughey 45.07 min 7th place:- Michael Guyatt 59.56 min


Anne-Maree Connolly...

Triple Crown Progress Scores After Two Events

Triple Crown Progress Scores after two events, the run and the paddle.Point score when worst result is deleted
One point1Adam Mcaughey Run5 place:- Adam McAughey Paddle
One Point1 place:- Rob Deacon  PaddleDid not compete in run
2  points2 place:- Phil Serio Paddle5 Phil Serio Run
2  points2 Leo Stevens Run3 place:- Leo Stevens Paddle
3 points3 Craig Picker Run4 place:- Craig Picker Paddle
4  points4 Ben Picker Run
6  points6 place:- Michael Guyatt PaddleDid not compete in run