2016-2017 Nippers registration


It's that time again! Nippers registration begins this weekend for the 2016-2017 season.
Registration for returning members to Coalcliff SLSC is available online and simple to do by clicking this link. See our guide here.

 Registration for Coalcliff SLSC can also be done in person on these dates and venues:
• Saturday 27 August from 9am until 11am at Helensburgh (outside surfshop in Walker St)
• Sunday 18 September from 9am until 11am at Coalcliff Surfclub
• There will also be an opportunity to register prior to the first Nippers event of the season on 9 October from 8am at the Surfclub.

All new nipper members need to produce a birth certificate or passport as proof of age when signing up.

Renewal Fees - Active 18+ Membership $45.00 / Family $145.00 / Junior $75.00 /Associate $50.00

When registering in person payment can be made via cheque or cash only; no eftpos available.